Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Where's My Free Money?

Brian sent me a link to a local Lumberton story. Titled "Lumbees air complaints about housing program," it describes a protest by Lumbee indians outside of their tribal headquarters. They were demanding repairs to their crappy old houses.

I wish when something broke on my house I could go protest and demand someone fix it. Unfortunately no one wants to do that for me. But for some reason these Lumbee indian tribe members feel that someone else should pay to fix their houses.

Oh, did I mention that they got these houses for free? The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development sends the tribe over $10 million dollars annually for housing projects. Your tax dollars built these houses, and now these protesters want new developments to be put on hold so that the money can be used to repair older houses.

If this isn't the perfect argument against redistribution then I don't know what is. These people got FREE homes, didn't take care of them, didn't improve them, and now want the government to fix them for FREE. It makes me sick. Instead of wasting time protesting, why don't these jerks, uh, you know, get jobs?

Now I know some people take government help and use it efficiently. They work hard and get out of poverty. But honestly, these people would be fine without help, because they know how to work. Unfortunately, the government allows others to become lazy and dependent on the dole. This is a cancer on our society as a whole and should be stopped immediately.

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