Friday, May 16, 2008

Bad News for Barack

Fuck West Virginia. They're worse than Idaho.

Good News For Barack

In an NPR poll conducted jointly by both Republican (Public Opinion Strategies) and Democratic (Greenberg Quinlan Rosner) firms has concluded that Obama would win against McCain while Clinton would lose.

Obama 48
McCain 43

McCain 46
Clinton 45

Also in this poll they found that 80% of Americans feel the country is on the "Wrong Track," which I can only assume allows Obama's message of CHANGE to resonate.

Of course the General Election has not even started yet, and a lot can happen. But I believe Barack's warmth and likeability will carry him through, especially since he and McCain do not differ much on the issues, save Iraq. With his acknowledgement of Global Warming and his support of more progressive taxation, Senator McCain is sounding more liberal every day.

I think given the choice, Americans will go with the liberal who wants to get us out of Iraq sooner, and who has not admitted that they don't know much about the economy. Barack clearly has the edge, and barring some major swift-boating or race-baiting, he will be our president.

And I, for one, welcome our new African-American overlord.

BREAKING - We Have Jet Packs

Humanity has taken another great step forward with the long awaited invention of a jet pack that doesn't suck. Former fighter pilot Yves Rossy has designed and built what may be the coolest thing ever, and now he can fly.

More pics and a video in the link.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Barackin' the Vote

I voted today, did you? NC's presidential primary was today, and I had to go cast my vote for Barack "Change Incarnate" Obama, because I swear to god if Hillary is the nominee I'll punch you in the throat. Anyhow, I cast my ballot and got my sticker and by god if Barack didn't smoke Hillary like a fine Cuban cigar with a 14 point margin.

Hill managed to win Indiana by 4 points (sorry babe, that's just not gonna cut it). Before today it was impossible for her to become the nominee. Now it is even more unlikely. Give it up already, give Barack a little breather before he goes toe to toe with John "I Was In a Vietcong Prison Camp" McCain.