Friday, June 27, 2008

Something I would pay for

I propose we get the smartest, most successful technology heads in the country to design and implement a state of the art, extremely fast internet. And pay for it with an internet sales tax.


America invented the Internet, but globally we rank 15th in average broadband speed. Japan averages 60 megabits per second.

Information is power, always has been, always will be. Today's technology offers the chance for people to communicate, to get together and accomplish amazing things. It has become a great resource for commerce, for the exchange of ideas, collaboration, and the media is finally embracing it as a way to reach people. It is a fast, paperless, efficient medium that has changed the way people live. It was our gift to the world.

Yet America lags behind. We have not invested in our infrastructure, and while it is decent, our bandwidth could be so much better. And that's why I am willing to vote for an internet sales tax. Or, if you like better, a few dollars added to your income taxes, which while completely optional, you must choose to opt out, as the default is to pay the tax.

I believe that communication and collaboration over the internet could allow us to build the next big thing.

Plus it would be some wicked fast internet.

Like the roads are paid for with a gas tax, so the internet can be paid for with a sales tax.

Fatter internet pipes for America. Because it would kick ass.