Friday, May 1, 2009

Adam Carolla Podcast

I've been listening to Adam Carolla's podcast religiously. I watched the Man Show in the past, but was never a huge fan, but I must say this guy can put on an excellent podcast. He has a new show almost every day, he usually interviews some interesting celebrity or creative person, and they talk about anything and everything. 

For instance, today they put out an interview with Joe Rogan, one of the most interesting and candid celebrities around. He and Adam talked philosophy, psychedelics (Rogan's favorite topic), the entertainment industry, and just random BS (something Carolla excels at). This guy can go on a rant about anything under the sun and be interesting and engaging. Which you wouldn't think because he just seems like an annoying asshole, but he's actually just a very entertaining asshole.

My days would be darker and longer without this podcast to listen to.

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