Friday, May 1, 2009


You know how some people feel like their lives lack direction? Well that's not me. I know which direction I want to go (I think) but I simply lack the motivation to move in that direction. Which is probably because I smoke too much mary jane, but that's my burden.

I want to go to law school. This much I am certain of. Ninety percent certain of. I'm one hundred percent sure I want to stop working in brain imaging, that shit is played out. I'm ninety-five percent certain I want to find a job working in a law office. And I'm one hundred percent sure I love writing, so I want to incorporate that in whatever I do. 

I enjoy law. I like the concept and practice of it in this country. It is a great arena for ideas to compete, for debate, argument, which I love. Also, it is essential to understand the game if I am to have any chance at changing it, which I am committed to doing. This country is being hurt by an oversized government, but don't get me started on that.

I am also supremely interested in journalism. I feel like people forget the power of journalism, and how it affects government and legislation. Journalists control the megaphone through which information is passed to the general public, and the framing new information in a certain way has a huge effect on how the public reacts. 

So yeah, I've got direction. I just need gasoline.

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