Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday News Roundup

It's another Friday, which means I feel compelled to spout some BS into the great abyss we call the Internets.

I'll probably do a few more today, but this post is just random bullshit.

I bought Peggle again, this time for the iPhone. I looked for it in the AppStore a few weeks ago and couldn't believe it wasn't there; apparently it just came out a few days ago.

If you've never played Peggle, well, I'm sorry. It's digital crack in the form of simulated balls you shoot to hit pegs. Super simple, super fun, super addicting. And now on my phone.

Carolla had a funny podcast today. He was interviewing a congressman and his wife from Ohio. The wife had mental health issues, one kid was in rehab, one killed small animals, the congressman had a couple weeks in France where he went gay, then came back for gay counseling, he and his wife had never consumated their marraige due to her vaginal problem (too tight to get a penis in, kid was from artificial insemination).

It turns out the whole thing was a parody, but damn if it wasn't a believeable at first. I mean, would he really be the first fucked up repressed gay elected official who railed against gays, and was all about the traditional family even though his was totally fucked?

Anyhow, check out the Adam Carolla podcast, I can't wait to see Star Trek in IMAX on Monday. That movie was effing sweet.

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