Friday, May 1, 2009

Twitter and Friday and Golf

It's Friday again (thank god) and I felt like posting. I haven't written here in a while, I've been posting on enableate occasionally, but mostly Twittering.

Today started off a little rocky. Katlyn made sausage and hashbrowns for breakfast, which was awesome, but on my way to work I had a little accident. I was in my car, literally a hundred yards from work, drinking coffee from my travel mug, which I had just washed this morning. Apparently I didn't rinse all the soap off the lid because my coffee was tasting a little more green appley than usual, so I attempted to take the lid off. In the process I spilled about half the cup on my shirt. Fuck. So I turned around, went home, got a new shirt, blah blah blah, I'm at work now.

The battery finally came for Katlyn's laptop (Pro Tip: do not order batteries directly from China, it might be cheaper, but it takes forever and their system is ghetto as hell. But at least it came.) So I'm connected downstairs. No excuse now for not updating my CV, yeah?

I'm considering seeing Wolverine tonight, but I think it's going to be shitty. So I am reluctant to drop $20 to see it on the big screen. I'd rather go bowling. Or just save the money for STAR TREK next week. God that's gonna be awesome.

Funny thing lately though, I've really wanted to play golf. I've never really played, but the game fascinates me, and it's easy physical activity. I'm going to get my grandpa's old clubs the next time I go home and go to the driving range. I can't wait.

Oh, and I wish I had a British accent. I listen to a lot of British people on podcasts, so I think I could passably fake one (i.e. pass in America, maybe not in the UK).

Happy Friday everybody.

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