Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Puppy Time!

Break it down, ya'll. The comma on this keyboard is half broken, but I keep on truckin'. What's the word in Morrisville town? I'm getting a puppy tomorrow, and I can't sleep a wink, it's just too damn exciting. He's a White German Shepherd pup, 8 weeks of age. He's soft and fluffy and likes to play. 

I'm reading a book about raising a pup the right way, the first time. I hope to avoid some common mistakes, and make the puppy process as easy and fun as possible. I know it's still work, but that's unavoidable. 

I still don't have a name yet, though there are many candidates:  Cairo, Pyro, Apollo, Milo, Presto, Gizmo and Ace. Only time will tell. 

I'm so freaking excited, I can't even sleep. It's 4 in the a.m. and I'm still awake, damn my nocturnal ways.

But I'm typing in a lyrical cadence, I love to make music with words. It's really not hard, I'm getting quite far, like Shakespeare, only it's modern. 


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Called That

The Hangover and Land of the Lost both came out last Friday, and one of them lost big time. When I found out they were coming out the same weekend I said, "That's stupid, their going after the same market." Turn out I was right.

The Hangover won big (Tomatometer 95%), slurping up $45 million, thanks to a good script and a better cast, with Zach Galifinakis making a long Greek name for himself. 8.7/10

Sadly, Will Ferrel's Land of the Lost remake lands hard, $18.7 million, while it cost $100 million plus to make. I haven't seen it yet, but there's no way it can touch The Hangover. Come on guys, was this really the best weekend to release this movie? You're splitting the demographic, and losing.

On to ostensibly happier things. Up, Pixar's latest work, came out this weekend to a warm reception, taking in positive reviews (98% Tomatometer) and $44.1 million. After just watching the 3D version, I must agree with my friend who told me that the 3D effect was not worth it for the dim colours through polarized lenses.

Alas, I could have used some colours to brighten my mood, as this is Pixar's most somber movie yet. Of the kids I saw it with, the 2 year old did not pay attention long, but it mostly held the 4 year old's attention. However, he is a rather adept 4 year old, and we share Ironman as a favorite movie. He watched it, but I could tell he wasn't having all that much fun with it. And neither was I.

Up was an interesting film, funny in parts, sad in parts, sweet in parts... but it lacked that "special" feeling only great Pixar movies can translate. I suppose I'm a bit spoiled, but as much as I like and admire this movie, it doesn't bring much new to the table. It was a good movie, but definitely intended for an older crowd than previous Pixar films. I'll watch it again sans-kids and see if it plays a little better, but for now: 6.5/10

And for next week, I will probably see, I dunno, Moon, a small sci-fi suspense? Not much in the pipe this weekend. Why couldn't Land of the Lost wait for this Friday? Oh, and Pelham 123 is looking fairly week in early Tomatometer readings: 40%.

Year One, a movie smart enough not to directly challenge another screwball, dumb guy comedy. comes out the week after, and I can't wait. Michael Cera is one of the funniest guys alive.