Saturday, September 25, 2010

Soccer Dreams

I don't know how much stock you put in dreams. The best explanation for dreams that I ever heard is that they show you what you need to see, to prepare you for the day ahead. This explanation has stuck with me for several years now, because for me, it makes a lot of sense. So, knowing that, I have to wonder what my dreams are preparing me for.

In the past week, I have had two dreams involving me playing soccer. In the first dream which I had roughly 6 days ago, I was at my parents house, playing a pickup game with John Locke from the tv show Lost, and some non-celebrities that I can't remember right now. I was playing center forward. The 'goal' was my old swing-set, which is roughly in the shape of a goal.

Someon on my team took a shot on the goal (it may even have been me) but it was blocked and kicked out near me. I stretched to stop the ball, but was only able to deflect it to my left mid, John Locke. He passed it back to me, and as the ball rolled towards me, instead of preparing for a strong right leg shot, I dinked it with my left foot. It either missed or was deflected again, this time to my left forward teammate. The left winger then passed the ball back to me, and again I used my left leg to dink another weak shot, which again was deflected back to the left striker. He passes it to me yet again, and I take another left-footed shot, but this one rolls in the goal. Win. And I wake up.

My second soccer dream I had this morning. I conflated soccer and NFL football, so that I was on the Pittsburgh Steelers and we were playing division rivals, the Baltimore Ravens. It appeared that we were playing 4 vs 4 teams, but I only noticed this aftwards. Anyways, it was nearing the end of the game, and we were down 3-2 when I entered the game. I was playing with a lot of enthusiasm, and I drove the ball up the field near the Ravens goal. I went to take a shot (this time a real one, with my right leg) but just as I am about to make contact with the ball, my foot digs into the ground. I don't think I even touch the ball.

So we keep playing, our team playing aggressively and keeping the ball near the Ravens goal. The ball goes in the air in front of the goalie box, and one of the Ravens players hits it with his hands. He's embarassed, but I get a free kick from the middle right of the top of the box. This is my shot to tie it up, all I have to do is hit a good shot. I run up to the ball to take my shot, but again as I am kicking my right foot digs into the ground just short of the ball. This time I tap the ball, but it's a horrible shot, and they defend it easily. They clear it and take it down to our side of the field.

Our defenders prevent them from scoring and clear it in the air, towards me. I head it down perfectly to a team mate to my right, who I hit in stride. My Ravens opponent even comments that it was a nice play. We drive it back towards the goal, where we try to score. From the left side of the field I kick the ball (I assume with my left foot) into the middle of the box, where there's a group of players from both teams. Someone knocks the ball into the goal, with what appeared to be a hand. The refs don't call a hand-ball. I wake up, thinking that if there was no call, we just scored to tie it up. But I don't feel great about it, since I'm pretty sure I saw a hand knock it in.

So what do these dreams mean?

The first one, I think is telling me to use my right foot to shoot, i.e. use my strong leg, or my natural strengths in general. Maybe. I did score with my left, but it would have been better and quicker with my right.

The second dream, I tried to use my right foot, but it kept getting stuck in the turf. Maybe I was trying to hard, with not enough finesse. Or maybe both the dreams are really telling me to use my left foot, or my weaker attributes in life. Then there's the end of the dream, where we scored on a sketchy play. Is that telling me that I can score even if it isn't perfect? Or that I should be wary of cheaters on my 'team?' Or is it just telling me that I have to get better with my right leg, my strengths, so that I can score the first time I try?

Who knows.

I'm not sure what they mean. I don't know if it even makes any sense trying to interpret dreams. Perhaps they are just there to slightly modify my consciousness, to cast a subconscious spotlight on...something. Like an artistic photograph without a caption, perhaps dreams should just stand as they are, casting their holistic impression. Sometimes I think interpreting dreams can even rob them of their power. But that doesn't stop me from trying.

Hell, maybe the dreams are just there to make me ask questions and write an essay.

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