Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Don't do anything unless it's serious and important

This is one of the many wonderful lessons I learned from my parents. That I should only do things that they deemed important and serious, and anything other than that was a waste of time.

Of course they never voiced this opinion explicitly, but it was clear to me through their various actions and attitudes. Aaron, my brother, and I would want to go to the movies on a Friday night. But my parents had no interest in driving us there. Thus we were left to procure our own rides, as Aaron had a knack for doing, or were doomed to sit at home all night, watching TV, or reading a book.

Later on, once I had my driver's license and a car, I found out that my neighbor, who had the same car as I, was selling his car and his 18-inch hot-looking wheels. Like most highschool boys my age, I was enamored with all things automotive, and had decided to buy these wheels for my own car, for the price of $800. This money that I had earned at summer jobs and saving birthday money, I wanted to put into my car to improve its aesthetic appeal. My parents, not surprisingly, were disdainful of this idea. It was a waste of money, you should save that money, etc. And, as usual, I listened to them.

Now, they may have been right--maybe it was a waste of money, just to buy some neat looking wheels for my car, that I should save the money for something else. But dammit, I wanted those wheels. I lusted after them. I looked through car magazines, imagining my car with these new wheels.

But I never got them.

I don't own the car anymore, I sold it years ago. And I still regret not getting those wheels. Those stupid, worthless, waste of money wheels.

And so my parents taught me a lesson. Don't spend your money on fun, silly things. Don't spend your Friday's at the movies socializing.

Don't do anything unless it's serious and important.

And it's a lesson that I'm still trying to forget.

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