Friday, February 25, 2011

Lots of Scary White People Protest Something

A bunch of white people gathered to protest something or other, I think they want more money or something. They were real angry.

They even yelled at a black guy. It was serious.

"Hey blacky, you don't understand the plight of the fat white man (woman?)"

The white people thought they were like Libyans and Egyptians, protesting for their freedoms.

"Give us the freedom to get more of those things we want!"

It was grand. Somebody made a lot of signs for them, because they were too busy yelling at black people to make their own.

"Hmm, these are vaguely related to what I'm mad about."

The municipalities that employed these white people tried to tell them that there wasn't enough money. "The economy sucks right now," the municipalities said, "and we didn't budget very well. So either start making us more money, or we're gonna have to begin proceedings to have you suspended with pay prior to a hearing in which we will discuss your possible termination and/or layoff, wherein you will collect unemployment."

The white people didn't like what they were hearing.

"Give that thing we want! We earned it! Just look at all of our signs!"

(all images shamelessly lifted from this site)

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