Monday, March 28, 2011

1920s Mug Shots and How Society is Falling Apart

Some wonderful nerdling has collected a series of mugshots taken in the 1920s. They are beautiful.

The first thing I noticed was that all the criminals were wearing three-piece suits.

My gods, I couldn't believe it. Today, we're lucky if our criminals are wearing a shirt. But back then they were wearing SUITS! And I don't even own a suit.

A depression-era petty thug could easily out-fashion me.

What the hell is happening to society? We used to have values and social mores. Sure we also beat our women and subjugated our black people, but somewhere along the way to suffrage and civil rights we went too far. We threw out the baby with the bathwater.

Somewhere along the way, we threw out shame.

Now everyone is happy to wear ripped jeans sagging to mid-thigh, with a white tank top and a gold chain. Or a dirty old t-shirt and a sweat-stained NASCAR hat.

What the hell happened guys? We've let society down. We pretend like appearances don't matter, like wearing sweatpants is no different from wearing a sport coat. A culture that let's anything slide will soon slide itself.

I guarantee that if every man woke up tomorrow, put on his best suit, and went to work, that this country would change quickly and drastically for the better.

When you wear a suit (or so I'm told by those who own them) you feel stronger, and better about yourself. You feel confident. People treat you better. And the simple act of putting together a nice outfit is bound to make one feel better about themselves.

In a nation ravaged with mental disease, we need all the confidence boosts we can get. I know I'm projecting here, but I also know I'm right.

Don't be outdone by a criminal in the 1920s.

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