Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Female Paramilitary Group Thwarted

An all-female paramilitary group calling themselves "The Girl Scouts of America" were thwarted last Thursday in a plot to sell over-priced cookies to a neighborhood of mentally challenged adults.

Authorities received an anonymous tip from a concerned neighbor who noticed a commotion outside.

Despite being warned to cease and desist, the all-girl militia continued to distribute the cookies to their co-conspirators in the neighborhood, causing numerous traffic delays, as well as inadvertently inciting dogs to bark at the passers-by.

The homegrown lady-terrorists had vowed to continue selling the cookies in disregard of the law, until a local religious leader, in an effort to keep the peace, bought their last 36 boxes.

The remaining boxes were mainly Trefoils, since no one likes those anyways.

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