Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Skynet Approacheth [Robot Apocalypse]

Remember in Terminator when the military built Skynet? Remember how it was a satellite network that controlled all the weapons, and when they turned it on it decided that humans were a threat that needed to be exterminated?

Yeah, I guess no one in Britain saw that movie.

The system allows for communication both in the voice and data variety between basically any unit of the British Armed Forces, including computers talking to computers, probably about how best to murder their makers. For example, a base computer in cheery old London can communicate with the "Reaper," a robotic spy drone in Afghanistan, retrieving data and telling it where to go, and transmitting live video over the connection from the UAV. The sat also has solar sails which extend its life to 15 years, a special anti-jamming antenna is set on the receive side, while 4 steerable antennas can be aimed in a single spot to concentrate broadcasting ability.

What the hell, Britain!? When robots come for you (and they will) you will have only yourselves to blame.

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