Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Suburban Sunset

I took a picture today. It was sunset, almost twilight. I saw the sun on the horizon and thought of the frontier. Out west. But I was in the suburbs. The sun was setting over a construction site where they were putting in a new Target. The wild west of low prices. And I hate Target. They never have what I need. Target is like Walmart’s useless sister. Probably don’t even sell guns. Or targets.

Race. I thought we were past that. I’m fine with other races, right? Are you? Even if you aren’t, you won’t admit it in polite company. Our parents war is over. Long live equality. I voted for Obama. Even though I hate Democrat policy. I voted for him, just so we could get over the race thing. Black president. Equal.

What’s the ratio of white racists vs black racists? I’d guess about the same. Change takes time.

That’s what’s great about America. We do diversity well. And that’s why America is the greatest country in the world. Or it was. For a while there. But I wasn’t alive then. Maybe it was crappier back then, and they just didn’t know it. Now we have the internet. We know which corrupt congressman is blowing who in what truckstop bathroom. And we know how all the banks and corporations are robbing us, while the government looks the other way.

But we have a new Target. I guess that’s something.

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