Thursday, May 19, 2011

First Stand Up Comedy Audition

The comic running the show is a black comic who I'd seen at the club before. He seemed like a laid back, fun loving fellow, and he called for the first person to get on the stage.

I wanted to get it over with, so I jumped up first and trotted up to the mic. It started out pretty well, and my first couple of jokes earned some laughs from the other open mikers.

Then I went into my racial material. You see, I have some jokes about blacks, whites, and Chinese people, and rather than tailoring my set to be more racially sensitive (like I said, the guy running the show was black) I just went through it the way I had practiced it. I told the black jokes, and it got QUIET. I laughed at the awkwardness, and I think me laughing at myself might have drawn a couple more chuckles from my peers. But it was uncomfortable.

Then, as I was about to move on to other races, the guy running the show said "That's enough" and that was it.

I fist bumped the other open mikers, and hung out for a while. After watching two other people try out, I'm pretty sure my act was the best. Which is awesome, but I didn't make it to the show, because apparently it takes a few weeks of showing up to make it on.

So I'm going back next week, gonna try out some different material, and we'll see. I'm going to make fun of women next.


Anonymous said...

I have read your comedy on the D.C.F. You should stick with knocking government and lobbying. Maybe even make it slightly educational but in a humorous way. This will appeal to a larger audience.

Michael said...

Haha, thanks for looking at my stupid blog. I've definitely tried to write some political comedy, but it inevitably turns into a lecture. I did write this bit likening Democrats and Republicans to a couple of WWE wrestlers, I should probably develop that a little more. Could be funny.

But honestly, I don't know if I'm skilled enough yet to make government funny, it's just too depressing.

Disabusive Sophist said...

Michael Casp a comedian? Im interested to see what you can do.