Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How to Fight a Big Corporation

Step 1: File a claim, pay the filing fee ($76 in Indiana)
Step 2: Convince company lawyers that settling is cheaper than taking case to court.
Step 3: Profit!

It's just that easy!

Akinyemi took Hewlett Packard to court last year alleging repeated problems with a notebook computer he'd purchased. After several attempts to get the machine fixed or replaced, Akinyemi sued H-P for $1,300, plus $76 in court costs.

In June of last year, H-P agreed to pay Akinyemi $688 to settle the case, according to court documents he provided to msnbc.com. A Hewlett Packard spokesman declined to comment.

The only downside is that as a part of most settlements, Akinyemi must sign a no-future-business contract, which basically says he can no longer do business with the company he just sued.

But it seems well worth it to stick it to the man.

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