Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why I'm Exhausted

I feel like one of those kids who's parents have them doing an extra curricular activity every single day. I have some activity going on nearly every night of the week. Except I'm doing it to myself.

It might not sound like much, but for a guy who usually works then comes home to watch tv and play video games, it's like climbing Kilamanjaro.

I went to the comedy club last night and did more material for the audition. I got a couple laughs. A new joke I added totally failed, but that's why I tried it out.

I picked up some tips from watching the show. Mainly, keep moving from topic to topic. Especially if laughs are petering out. I'll need to keep more material ready, so I can keep moving. I also learned that weed jokes play well at Goodnights.

I also learned to keep the set up short and sweet. I tend to over-do the set up, because I'll tell stories instead of jokes. Even in prose I tend to over-explain, so the editing process is very important for me.

And that's Wednesday. Today I have a vocal lesson. Friday I'm going camping until Monday. Then back to do it all over again.

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