Monday, November 7, 2011

Tuesday - 12:18 AM

Hey this is awesome, don’t you think?????

Why yes I certainly do, Michael.

What should we do with it?

Work. Live. Survive.

That’s it? Seriously? Kinda lame dude.

What would you have me do ?

You’re asking me?

Yes you.

Oh. Because I would use it to… *SIIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGGGGG*



Were you serious?

Serious about what?

That, thing, that, god nevermind.

Whatever you say.

I’ll fucking kill you.

Really? Be doing me a favor.

Dark dude.

So what if I am?

I didn’t say you are.

You didn’t have to.

Stop that.

Stop what?

You know. The whole Dark Macabre fucking persona.

That’s my personality.

No, that’s what you wish your personality was, but you’re not interesting enough.

Do I need this kind of abuse?


Yeah, you’re probably right.

Messed up.

Tell me about it.

-=Binko banko that’s the goddamn end=-