Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sound Decisions

This is keeping me up at night. I look at the specs, the price--hey, it just dropped 20%--should I get it now? No, gotta pay taxes.

But taxes are paid. Bills are paid early. You're still ahead, and gaining ground. Go for it. Take your surround sound from good to great. Hey look it's on sale, $315. But wait.

What's this now?

A new model?

Hello there, lovely. This is what I'm talking about. The fantastic sound of last year's model, with new features. Pandora. Airlplay. Front HDMI port. Better interface. Better remote.

But it's $450. Kind of a lot. But only $50 more than I was going to spend.

That upgrade would be sweet. Really sweet.

Even the back of the new one looks cleaner and more refined.

Old model:

Compared to the new hotness:
But last year's model is significantly cheaper. $135 cheaper to be exact. Maybe I shouldn't rush into this.

I've researched last year's model. It's solid. It does everything you want. And now it's at a great price.


I get it.

But look at those new features. I could actually cut one more cord from the rotation. And it has the clearer UI. The old remote really is ugly. This new one looks much more palatable.

I want the new one. I do. And I think it's worth it. But I don't know. It's so new! What if it's defective? I'll have to mail it away and bullshit like that.

Man this is tough. I'll have to sleep on it for sure. But which one will I choose?

(the A/V receivers featured in this article are the Denon 1712 and the new Denon 1713)