Sunday, June 24, 2012

Boston Is Totally BOSS

Boston is the first and last word in everything as far as I'm concerned. This city has been a blast just walking around, seeing the sights, eating the foods, smelling the garbage. What a prize.

It was hot as hell two days ago. I did not know it could get that hot in the North. That's my only complaint.

I like that you can walk all over the place (props to my Sperry's for not chaffing my feet). It's a beautiful place to just bee-bop around.

I had good seafood, Thai, Afghani, and Italian food here. And lots of wine. Only thing missing is an Irish pub, but I'll hit that next time because I'll definitely be back.

I'm sure it sucks to live here just like anywhere else, but as far as visiting, you can't do much better than Bean Town. And the native accent is hilarious.

(I will post pictures later (if I feel like it))