Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Irony of Independence Day

I cannot escape the irony in celebrating of "Independence Day" at a time when Americans are more dependent on government than ever before, and our government has more power than ever before.

We escaped the rule of the British empire, only to create a new American empire. Are we truly better off?

Perhaps. Those signers of the Declaration of Independence created an idea of freedom that has since permeated into the minds of people around the world. They set a new standard for human rights and rule of law. No longer could a ruling class pillage the peasants. All men are created equal, and are to be seen as equal in the eyes of the law.

But these lessons have all but disappeared. The wealthy and well-connected are free to break the law and suffer no consequences. The enforcers of the law are able to trample the rights of the common man. The government wages war on foreign soil for unclear reasons. And the laws of the land steadily encroach on our daily lives.

Can we reverse this trend? Is it even possible to break the cycle of revolution, decay, exploitation, oppression, widespread discontent, leading to another revolution?

As you grill your meats and drink your beers today, I invite you all to meditate on the state of our nation. Does it adhere to the principles of freedom and equality? Is there anything you can do to preserve these principles in this uncertain time?

America needs you. Will you heed her call?