Friday, August 10, 2012

Chocolate is for Eating

I once took a tour of a chocolate factory. It’s not nearly as interesting as you think, and it actually turned me off of chocolate for a while. But what you notice, or what I noticed, is the people who work there. Surrounded by the most delightful substance to ever be eaten, these poor bastards were the most miserable looking sods I had ever seen.

And I’ve seen a lot of miserable sods in my time.

Hell, I used to be a miserable sod. Still am, on occasion.

But the thing I’m trying to say is that being surrounded by life, as we all are, can be difficult if you never eat the chocolate. It can be painful, and miserable, and downright unseemly. So unseemly that some people check out of the chocolate factory early. The sight of chocolate becomes so unforgivingly painful that they have no, or at least feel they have no, choice but to end it all.

When instead they could just take a bite. Just one. Or two. Sure they might get fired. They might be shunned and banished from the life they knew.

But life is for the living. And chocolate is for the eating.

So eat up my friends.

(note: I have never been to a chocolate factory. This was a pure fabrication. Super duper sorry about that)

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