Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Sadness

Why are Sundays so sad?

It's almost as good as Saturday, in theory. But Sundays hold a special kind of sadness. They represent the end, for many of us. The end of freedom for another 5 days.

They represent our mortality.

I am sure there are those with exciting and rewarding jobs who don't feel the Sunday blues. I am not one of these people. My job isn't bad. But it doesn't fill me with excitement. It just is.

So here I am. Feeling sad on Sunday. Partly it's my fault I suppose. I have been alone all day. I did go out last night, and the night before, and the night before that.  I suppose a break is in order. Which is why I didn't push to do anything today. I worked a few hours. I had planned to go shopping, but that seemed too daunting today.

Heh. I'm intimidated by the mall.

It is large, crowded, and loud. And it will take your money if you aren't careful. But the worst thing about it is the infinite number of choices. Of decisions. And I've never been great at decisions.

I like everything. I want to buy everything. I cannot prioritize. My pleasure meter is clipping. And I need to recalibrate.

Mainly I just want some more v-neck tees, and a new pair of sneakers. Possibly basketball shoes that look decent with jeans.


But really, I just want to fill the void. The emptiness that fills me on Sundays. Maybe a sneaker, or a drink with friends, or a football game will do it.

Or maybe not.

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